Treatment of Atelophobia

Before treatment, there is another step that mut be taken correctly: diagnosis. There are several steps in diagnosis of atelophobia. The atelophobic shows a very disappointed behaviour on failure. He can be recognized through this or other abnormal psychological behaviours. In addition, there are physical symptoms which a therapist recognizes and can be used to diagnose the problem of the patient.

Symptoms of Atelophobia

Did you know 40 million American adults live with anxiety disorder each year? Recent Researches reveled anxiety disorders can become so severe that normal life and relationships become impaired. According to National Institute of Mental Health, 18 percent of Americans have anxiety disorders and are characterized by extreme feeling of fear and uncertainty. Clinical data […]

Living With Atelophobia

Like any other phobia, atelophobia is an obstacle in the path of normal life. While normal people compete with others, win and lose, show off their talents and communicate with one another with ease, an atelophobic finds his life in a jeopardy when he has to face other people. This makes living with atelophobia a […]

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