The Beauty of Imperfection

beautyWhat’s imperfection? I suppose imperfection from an existential perspective can be defined as a failure to live up to standards defined by yourself or some other medium that is held in high authority. This definition is intentionally limiting as it does not necessarily take into account involuntary imperfections such as physical abnormalities or quite simply not meeting societies standard of beauty. This definition is sufficed however for the purpose of this article.

There can be many modes of imperfection. What one will realize however upon careful and critical examination of the need to acquire perfection is that what’s considered perfect is artificial, contrived, dynamic and often has little or no objective basis . If it is artificial and contrived then who are the creators and contrivers of this illusion which we call perfection? Is it me, you, society, your friends? Well it’s a little bit less straightforward than that. In a sense we all are. We often create our own subjective (intentionally redundant as the idea of perfection is inherently subjective) ideal of that blissful state of perfection. The truth is perfection as an utopian ideal does not exist except in the minds of persons who strive to achieve their contrived goals.

Can Imperfection be beautiful? Imperfection is Perfect!

The word beautiful yet another subjective word. Although it is subjective there are things that are considered objectively beautiful, like a full moon, lush vegetation or an enthralling sunset. One of course could argue that our acceptance of these things as beautiful is as a result of social programming and they may very well be right.

However I digress. Is it possible to not meet the social expectations of society or of those around you and still be beautiful? The beauty of life is its diversity. If everyone was the same then think of how monotonous and uninspiring this life would be. What we perceive to be Imperfection is indeed perfection. This is how nature designed it. Think of how dull life would be without the class clown, the nerd, the mysterious introvert, the unaware extrovert, that happy goes lucky friend and even that contentious bully. Our differences make us who we are. We are defined by our imperfections, not a in a bad way; our uniqueness makes us desirable, intriguing and beautiful beings.

Atelophobics should embrace imperfection and accept it as a part of who we are. It’s that mole in someone’s cheek, the sparkle of big rounded eyes, the allure of the loner. Embrace your differences, embrace your imperfections. To be imperfect is beautiful because it sets you apart.

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