Diagnosis of Atelophobia

doctorAtelophobia refers to a mental illness in which a person has a severe fear of imperfection. It is normal to have an urge to get better with time, and to compete with others, but in patients with Atelophobia this condition is dangerously aggravated and leads to many painful consequences.

Difference between Diagnosis of Mental and Physical Illnesses

The problem with mental illnesses is that they are difficult to recognize. Physical illness or disease is easy to see because the physical state of the body shows abnormality, like increased body temperature, coughing, pain etc. The friends and family members of the sick person can help the sick person in his suffering and take him to a doctor. The situation in mental illnesses is a complete contrast. The person ill with it irritates others, quarrels with friends and family and shows abnormal attitude towards others which, instead of making them help him out in his suffering, makes them go far from him, leaving him alone. This not only applies to others, but also to the patient himself. Mostly the patient does not know his real problem.

An atelophobic has similar problems. He faces extreme fear of making a mistake in front of others. He might consider it part of his nature, as many other people surrounding him, to expect tragedy before even beginning a task, to be extremely self conscious and to be unable to tolerate failure. He is completely unaware of the fact that he is, actually, an Atelophobic.

Diagnosis of Atelophobia

  • The first step in the diagnosis of an Atelophobic is his reaction to a failure. The failure might be in a small task of daily routine but the person is unable to bear it. He starts feeling very disappointed and depressed. He might even start calling himself stupid, idiot etc. You will notice some physical symptoms. The patient will be very anxious. Most of the complains he will make will be directed towards anxiety.
  • The Atelophobic perspires heavily. He will complain of dizziness and nausea.
  • Depending upon the severity of Atelophobia, there will be panic attacks. They may range from panicking on a challenge to severe paralytic attacks. The person is so scared of doing the given task that his mind is unable to do anything at all.
  • He will breathe quickly in and out, referred to as hyperventilation. There will be increased heart rate and increased muscle tone. These systems are activated due to their uncontrollable fear.
  • There is a great degree of restlessness. Some Atelophobics also complain of not being able to sleep properly. But not all Atelophobics compain of this insomnia.
  • Their sensitivity to sensory stimuli is raised to a significant value. A sudden sound will make them jump, while a normal person would not give such an intense reaction.
  • You will also notice that the Atelophobic’s body trembles.

Behavior of Atelophobics

The Atelophobic feels very uncomfortable with other people in society. His too much self consciousness and too little self confidence leads to his failure to strive in society. Relationships, including marriages can be ruined.

Why Should You Be Aware of Atelophobia?

As already mentioned, mental illnesses are hard to recognize. The awareness of the symptoms of Atelophobia can help a person be recognized as an Atelophobic. If you feel these symptoms or see them in someone else, contact a psychiatrist for a guidance.

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