Causes of Atelophobia

Atelophobia is also called the fear of imperfection. A person suffering from Atelophobia thinks that every action he does is error prone. The word phobia is derived from latin word “phobos” meaning fear. Any phobia in a person has deep psychological roots.

Causes of Atelophobia

The causes of atelophobia can vary in different people. These are due to different circumstances faced by a person in different stages of his life, particularly in childhood. Different causes are listed below.


If a person has faced harsh situations in childhood he can develop Atelophobia. If severely criticized on every act unnecessarily at such an age, the child will develop a feeling that everything he does has errors in it. He can not do anything perfectly in his life. Over time this feeling gets stronger until it becomes a belief. He starts developing all of the symptoms of Atelophobia including perspiration, panic attacks, hyperventilation, and other symptoms.

Atelophobia can also develop in children who are constantly compared to other children by their parents. Although parents generally intend to teach them and help them get rid of bad habits, this act has serious consequences. Comparison is something that can have many other consequences as well, besides Atelophobia. So I advise parents to stop comparing their children with other children, for their own good.


A person’s own nature is also a cause of any mental illnesses. If a person is very sensitive, this sensitivity can also become a cause of Atelophobia. Some people take competition very seriously, which makes it hard for them to face failure. They also take criticism very badly and get disheartened when someone gives a negative comment about their work. This leads to lesser confidence in one’s own capabilities. When the person is extremely nervous and self conscious, these feelings alone can interrupt with their work and ruin it. This, unfortunately leads to even bigger failures and even lesser self confidence. It is all like a “positive feedback system”.

Some individuals have a natural tendency to be scared or worried. These people are more prone to Atelophobia. Some people are categorized as “high strung”, also exposed to risks of becoming Atelophobic.

Degree of Past Suffering

Some psychological problems are indicative of a suffering in the past. The Atelophobic might have gone through a very painful situation leading him to Atelophobia. The extent of Atelophobia is often directly proportional to degree of suffering of the individual.

Demanding Past

If a person has to face a very demanding situation, which demands more than he can accomplish, he starts thinking that he is incapable of everything. He can not stop thinking that other people can do some things and he cannot, which is not true as the situation was quite tough.

Challenges in Daily Routine

Sometimes Atelophobia can develop due to any interruption in routine of an individual. There might be some losses or failures faced by the person which leads to his fear of imperfection.

Adrenal Insufficiency

Adrenal insufficiency can also become a cause of Atelophobia. The adrenal gland prepares a person for a flight or fight in troublesome situations. However, if it is malfunctioning, these systems are impaired and this causes physical as well as psychological symptoms.

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