Category: Signs and Symptoms of Atelophobia

Symptoms of Atelophobia

Did you know 40 million American adults live with anxiety disorder each year? Recent Researches reveled anxiety disorders can become so severe that normal life and relationships become impaired. According to National Institute of Mental Health, 18 percent of Americans have anxiety disorders and are characterized by extreme feeling of fear and uncertainty. Clinical data […]


Overcoming Fear of Failure and Imperfection

There isn’t a more terrifying ordeal for the atelophobic than failure. Persons with this condition become so consumed with achieving perfection that it affects every aspect of their daily lives. In this article we will discuss how you can overcome your fear of failure and imperfection. First of all, there are two types of failure […]


Causes of Atelophobia

Atelophobia is also called the fear of imperfection. A person suffering from Atelophobia thinks that every action he does is error prone. The word phobia is derived from latin word “phobos” meaning fear. Any phobia in a person has deep psychological roots. Causes of Atelophobia The causes of atelophobia can vary in different people. These […]


Atelophobia and Achievement Anxiety

Underlying anxiety is not a root cause. Anxiety is itself a symptom with many different possible causes. Anxiety is a process that happens in your brain, which can be affected by so many factors, like irrational thought habits, nutrition, food intolerances like gluten, lack of exercise, lack of sunlight and vitamin D, deficiency in amino […]