Atelophobia and Depression

depressionThe fear of imperfection. A fear that often leads the afflicted to become so obsessed with achieving perfection that it can literally lead to depression if they happen to fail to meet their required standards.

What exactly is depression? It is a mental condition where persons experience deep emotional sadness, feelings of not being good enough and a deep seated sense of unhappiness. Are all Atelophobics depressed? I would think most of them are. They often set impossible and unrealistic standards for themselves that causes failure to be inevitable. A person suffering from Atelophobia is often caught up with how he is perceived by his peers and society in general. Persons with this condition usually don’t have very high self-esteem, although they often put on a façade to hide their true dispositions. People who know them may be surprised that they are suffering from depression because of the image they portrait to society. They often have happy go lucky attitudes; can be very friendly and cordial and often they are control freaks. Things have to be done the way they want it and there is little or no room for compromise. Beyond the masks they wear and their often socially acceptable dispositions, the Atelophobic often feels very lonely inside. They often feel like misfits in society. They feel like they are misunderstood by their friends and people they are close to. They often find it extremely difficult to form very close bonds with people and as a result they rarely get into very intimate relationships.

The two-folded question is this: are these feelings the result of depression or is it the presence of these feelings that lead the Atelophobic to become depressed? The answer is far from straight forward and it’s a little like the stereotypical chicken and egg scenario. I personally think both cases are true, depending on the context. Many persons with depression can and do develop Atelophobic tendencies. This is often as a means of feeling accepted by society and loved. Also a person with Atelophobia, when faced with failure, snaps into modes of deep depression because of his perceived shortcomings stemmed from the inability to meet unlikely expectations. It’s a sad and sordid state to be in and if left untreated it can go on for a very long period of time and really ruin a person’s prospect of living a happy and healthy life.

Treating Atelophobia Caused Depression

There are a lot of medications on the market that are designed to treat depression, however a lot of these pills often lead to some sort of dependency-without them the subject often crashes into even deeper states of depression and a lot of the times can develop suicidal feelings. Therefore I will not be recommending any type of medication for dealing with Atelophobia fueled depression. I will however recommend some practical lifestyle changes that one can employ that can make a difference in the way in which you view life. These measures are generalized tips but if followed will help you out of your state of depression.

Step 1: Forget About What People Think of You

It’s imperative that you recognize that you are not defined by people’s expectations of you or the way in which you are viewed by people. You are defined by the expectations you set for yourself and how you go about achieving that success. Do not let initial failures discourage you from achieving your dream. The sky is indeed the limit and as long as you have breath there is always hope of realizing that dream.

Step 2: Find a Hobby That You Enjoy

Find things that you enjoy doing for fun. You can join clubs related to that niche and meet with like-minded individuals. Focus on enjoying that activity and do not worry too much about meeting set goals. Remember the primary focus here is enjoying yourself.

Step 3: Accept Yourself

You must realize that you are a unique individual that has much to offer society. Society has a way of branding individuals and putting them into boxes not realizing that it’s the differences in people that make this life fulfilling. Accepting yourself will go a long way towards realizing your self worth and overcoming Atelophobia induced depression.

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