Advantages of Atelophobia

Although there are some downsides to having Atelophobia, there are also some positive aspects. The following are just a few advantages of Atelophobia:

a) Heightened Fight or Flight Response Mechanism: Sure there are all those times where your sense fear when you really shouldn’t. But sometimes you’re right. You’ll be better equipped for the bad when it does come. When the other guy is questioning whether this is really a bad situation or if he should run or fight. We already came up with our answer hours ago, and have just now, already acted upon it.

b) Risk-Aversion, mistrust, etc. sometimes has its positives: For instance, I’m paranoid about STDs. I always wear a condom, no matter what. Some girl wanted make love. Didn’t have a condom. So I turned her down, even though she said she didn’t care. Turns out she had HPV or some shit like that.

c) It is in our nature to question everything. We delve into the highly improbable and the irrational, on a daily basis. This can actually be a positive. As Nietzsche said, one of the most important tasks for an individual is to take a hammer to all of our false idols. But who is equipped to recognize which idols are false? The man who questions everything and is not scared of finding the irrational, for that is where he lives. Things like slavery were just accepted as tradition and a way of life. The inquisitive mind is not afraid to question such standards as tradition, popularity, etc. He who questions everything has his curse. For he questions all, he must also question himself, and this may fill him with self-doubt. Yet still, at the end of day, there is no man more intellectually brave, wise, or honest with himself. Also, never trust a man or his beliefs, when he is too scared to question them, and holds in contempt any man who may cause him to do so.

d) I think persons with Atelophobia tend to have more energy. Sure it is anxious energy, but it is still intense crazy amounts of energy. You can harness that into something productive. Since my panic attacks first came on and my anxiety has been out of control (2 months ago), I’ve been going to the gym every day and have been getting a lot of writing accomplished. I went from running 1 mile a day, to now about 3 miles a day. People have been complimenting me on how much more muscular I’ve got.

e) I really believe this: If you can conquer anxiety, you can conquer anything. What is anxiety? In essence, it is little more than fear. If you can conquer fear, you can stand up to it on a consistent basis, you do not let it limit you in any way, then you can do anything. You’ll be unstoppable. Nothing can get in your way. A man without fear is either a lunatic or a god. It is not that we are without fear, but it is that we no longer let it limit us. We can be a god. All it takes is that desire. You see the nervous energy you have? You see your obsession over whatever irrational fear you have? Turn that into something positive or constructive, and I know you could accomplish any and all of your dreams.

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